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Our Story

agnelli industries

Bergamo (Italy), Via Fantoni, 1907.

The sign clearly shows: “Baldassare Agnelli’s Aluminum Factory”. This is where our companies’ story begins. Our beginnings were definitely not our easiest times. Think about it… Aluminum processing required systems that no other workshop had ever built or even thought of building before.

There was a lot of decision-making in the process, especially regarding which objects had to be made, what the machines would look like… After all, aluminum was born together with the modern world: a world to discover!

In retrospect, we can say that we never lacked ingenuity in our factories. Believe it or not, if you come to visit our small museum, you’ll see that the Agnelli family (and their aluminum) had already been used throughout the “boot” (Italy) at that time of WWI thanks to their famous products.

After all, it’s the only material that can boast having hustled its way towards success…

Baldassare Agnelli would go on to become an organization that would be defined a “leading company” by today’s standards.

At the time, that expression wasn’t used. Baldassare never pronounced it. All he needed at the time was his pride which, thanks to his “super” workers (those who bent the aluminum), was filled with a market who was learning how to appreciate the beauty of its glimmering charm.

It worked exactly like this: everything that aluminum could offer was studied, designed, and produced by our factory, including the “parade helmets” for fashion shows of a bygone era. Thanks to his great initiative, Baldassare became one of the youngest Knights of the Kingdom in the early ‘30s.

Thanks to the aluminum produced by the “Agnelli Factory,” a vast range of products was created. Everyday objects, pots, pans, hoppers, boilers, semi-finished products, windows, industrial components…

agnelli industries

Baldassare’s legacy and great sense of responsibility were collected in the 1950s by his son Angelo.

And then, a new generation. And two decades after yet a new one, and so on.

All of this to reaffirm that the success of both our Group and the Agnelli industries comes from the beauty of a family album where stories of sacrifice, entrepreneurial vocations, and dreams that come true all come together to make for a fantastic schoolbook. It is a lively and involving imprinting which is easily reflected on today’s most advanced metal on the planet, aluminum.

More than a century after its foundation, who’s in the limelight today? We’re happy to introduce the Agnelli who are currently leading the Group: Baldassare and Paolo with their sons Angelo, Cristiano, and Enrico.