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The group

The idea of the group took shape in the ‘60s: Agnelli Metalli and Alucolor were inaugurating the “custom” supply era thanks to marketing of metals, custom-size cutting and design folding, anodic oxidation, and painting.

Agnelli pots would go on a path to becoming the best professional tools on the market. The Group would then acquire Fasa, which was another important catering brand. The Agnelli Group processes more than 70 tons of aluminum each month, making it an important European supplier. In the ‘90s, construction started focusing on energy savings, and the Group was ready to tackle the challenge via the Esedra window and door system. This system was entirely designed within closed doors, and it had a modular design providing great performance.

Thanks to Alexia Drawing Mills’ plant innovation, a new era begins for custom profiles while the Agnelli name finds a new home in Poland due to the advent of Agnelli Metalli Poland.

At this point in time, the new millennium has come, and the Group’s 100th year anniversary (1907-2007) is accompanied by a renewed drive. In fact, thanks to the acquired know-how, Aluproject engineering was born, making it possible to highlight the peculiarities of aluminum when it came to the highest degree of design and furniture.

Alugreen was also founded, a company focused on recycling aluminum. Finally, thanks to GA complements, the company is able to grow its product supply service in terms of catering and art-de-la-table. Professional logistics management was a major part of this change.

Within the heart of aluminum

Alexia Aluminum Drawing Mills are backed by large automated systems which ensure an almost perfect semi-finished product, meeting all important European standards...

Virtuous evergreen billets

100% Italian. Aluminum is a noble raw material. Even if enclosed in one of the most common rocks on Earth's crust (Bauxite), it still requires a lot of energy to be extracted in its purest form...

360° of experience at your disposal

Agnelli Metalli brings together one of the richest assets of our Group: the ability to offer high quality of service paired with excellence in workmanship...

verniciatura alluminio a bergamo

High quality in color

Alucolor focuses on the finishing of semi-finished aluminum. The production cycle accuracy and the raw material's quality during the color selection process ensure high quality, meeting the highest expectations...

Made in Italy we can be proud of

At the time of founding, in 1907, the original company of our Group was called Baldassare Agnelli, and it was brought up in a world where chef aristocracy who loved ancient tradition loved tinned copper. Was aluminum going to be received well in the most important kitchens...

Expert cooking for every recipe

It's not just about thick pots and pans made for professional or exceptional use. Thanks to Fasa, another historic Italian brand, the Agnelli Group can finally offer aluminum food pots and pans that can be used every single day...